Saturday, June 22, 2013

Virginia Olsen Flat Top Brush Review


Howdy people. So today I will be doing my first ever review, and the honor goes to....(drumroll)............
The Virginia Olsen Flat Top Brush. I'm using it to apply my BB cream and my MAC powder foundation.
And its great. I love how soft it glides on my face and its application is seamless. Truly coverage on any foundation also depends on the tools use to apply it. Dabbing gets more coverage as oppose to just swirling it all over your face, as per personal experience that is. And mind you beautiful people this is not rocket science, because when we dab we deposit more product onto a particular area whereas when you swirl you distribute the product to more surface area, and I'm sure for people who are into makeup will understand what I'm trying to point. I've tried applying my powder foundation using my Ecotools Mini Kabuki Brush and coverage is not great as when I use the Virginia Olsen Flat Top Brush. I just had a minor problem because a few days after I got the brush, the wooden portion fell off from the metal thingy,(I'm not sure if is is the Ferrule). A small problem really, nothing that a good old reliable Mighty Bond can't do. By the way I got the brush from Zalora Phils..And they are awesome. I ordered on a Friday, got the items on Monday morning. And that makes me one happy lady.....So there I hope you my little bit of a review help you dearies....thanks for reading.....

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