Saturday, November 3, 2012


Betrayal in any form, be it from a partner, husband, boyfriend or friend can be the most hurtful thing an individual can experience. A feeling akin to being treated like a garbage, come to think of it, I think everyone of us has been a victim of betrayal, at some point in our lives....So what's the best thing to do after being  betrayed ? I've read this from an article from of our national broadsheet here  in the Philippines , it says that we can  gain more if we'll turn  the other cheek around , tough to do but it can  surely prevent our  lives  from ruin . Surprisingly, I tried it and its effective. The law of Karma really exists ,what  goes around comes around ,people who've caused you pain whether  we like it or not will have their comeuppance...sooner or later....May this be a little reminder to all of us to always treat other people right....But as the saying goes we cannot please everybody but as long as we treat them right we're on the right track..Howdy friends its been so long I havent posted anything I got so caught up in my life that I neglected my blog, I hope this will be a start to blog again..thank you all for long till next posting....


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    1. Hi ..sure will follow you..tnx for dropping to have one of those organizers..

  2. Great read, sis! Betrayal is really something one CAN live without. It's such a bad feeling but I guess we all have to go through it.. even God did, right?

    The Misty Mom

    1. Hi sis true..tnx for dropping by...take care..