Saturday, May 7, 2011


Friendship - when we're young and carefree I believe everybody could attest to this fact that we couldn't care less if we have friends or not as long as we have somebody to play with then all is fine. But this dramatically changes as we grow older, when our needs go beyond playing and eating and sleeping.There are things that you could not say to your mom or dad or your siblings and this is where the need for friends comes in.Of course like in all relationships friendships also has to deal with a whole gamut of emotions like happiness,loneliness,heartbreak and so on.As you grow older the need for friendship increases and so is the risk of finding friends who will you use you,betray you,but that should not stop you from believing that out there you could still find a true find who will grow old with you,somebody who will accept you warts and all.As for me I believe I have found my true hubby..hope you found yours too...

Online Shopping

Goodness I didn't expect how addicting online shopping is..I started with multiply then I moved to ebay .I never realize not until I discovered almost all if not all of my paycheck just went pfft..Of course we can never deny the fact that some items like organic products can't be found on ordinary supermarkets.But this realization led me to prioritize my earnings,though I hope not a bit too late,glad I have an ever understanding hubby who never complains.This time around I'd better spend time online blogging than online shopping..hey followers if any hahaha hope you'll support me on this...nyt nyt..Happy mothers day to all mothers out there.